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Raik Stolletz is Professor and  holds the Chair of Production Management at the University of Mannheim since December 2010. In his previous positions he served as an Associate Professor for Operations Management at the Department of Management Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark and as an Assistant Professor at the Leibniz University at Hannover, Germany. He obtained his PhD from the Technical University of Clausthal and studied Mathematics, Business Administration, and Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin.

Professor Stolletz taught courses in advanced planning, production and operations management, and operations research in Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs.

His main research interest is in production and operations management. Current research projects focus on quantitative decision support in the design and management of manufacturing and service systems. This includes the optimization of operations scheduling, the performance analysis of dynamic and stochastic systems, the analysis and optimization of flow lines, and airport operations management. His research has been published in leading international academic journals, including Production and Operations Management, OR Spectrum, European Journal of Operational Research, and Annals of Operations Research.

Refereed publications


Weiss, S., J. A. Schwarz, and R. Stolletz (2018): The Buffer Allocation Problem in production lines: Formulations, solution methods, and instances. Forthcoming in IISE Transactions (formerly IIE Transactions). DOI 10.1080/24725854.2018.1442031

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Stolletz, R. (2003): Performance Analysis of M-designed Inbound Call Centers. In: Ahr, D., R. Fahrion, M. Oswald, and G. Reinelt (editors): Operations Research Proceedings 2003, 9-16.

Books and other publications

Schwarz, J. A. and R. Stolletz (2013): Warteschlangentheorie in der Betriebswirtschaftslehre. (Queueing theory and business administration.) WiSt - Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium 42 (5), 262-265 (in German).

Stolletz, R., H. Pingel, und C. Heerig (2009): Szenariobasierte Ersatzteilbestandsplanung bei unsicherem Verschleiß. (Scenario-based spare part planning with uncertain times to failures.) Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb 104 (3), 170-173 (in German).

Stolletz, R. (2008): Paragraph "Warteschlangentheorie." (Queueing theory.) In: Corsten, H. and R. Gössinger (editors): Lexikon der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, 5th edition, 892-894, Oldenbourg, Munich (in German).

Helber, S. and R. Stolletz (2004): Call Center Management in der Praxis. Strukturen und Prozesse betriebswirtschaftlich optimieren. (Applied Call Center Management. Managerial Optimization of System Con gurations and Processes.) Springer, Berlin et al. (in German).

Stolletz, R. (2003): Performance Analysis and Optimization of Inbound Call Centers, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems, Vol. 528, Springer, Berlin et al.

Working papers

Vogel, J., R. Stolletz (2019): Quality-Speed Trade-Offs in Dynamic Service Systems: Do Future Demand Changes Matter?

Guhlich, H., M. Fleischmann, L. Mönch, and R. Stolletz (2015): Revenue management in a multi-stage make-to-order production system.

Roth, M., R. Stolletz, and L. Merkert (2015): Production scheduling in steel plants with time-dependent electricity costs.

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