Matteo Biondi, M. Eng.

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Room SO 213
Schloss Schneckenhof Ost (SO)
68131 Mannheim

Phone: 0621 - 181-1650
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Research interests

The scheduling of production and maintenance is a critical decision process for the profitable management of any production system. While the first ensures reaching the production targets to satisfy customer demands, the second makes sure that plant assets are available and in the condition to perform the required tasks whenever needed. The two decision processes are highly interdependent; despite that, in the classical scheduling literature it is usually assumed that the production system is either always available or that maintenance activities are performed during predetermined unavailability time intervals. Furthermore, the way the system is operated (e.g. production speed) can impact on the wear of the system and therefore on the urgency of the next maintenance activity. The focus of this research is on scheduling models accounting for maintenance and production, both in a deterministic and in a stochastic environment.


Refereed Publications

Biondi, M., G. Sanda, and I. Harjunkoski (2017): Optimization of multipurpose process plant operations: A multi-time-scale maintenance and production scheduling approach. Computers and Chemical Engineering, 99, 325–339.

Industrial paper

Xu, C., I. Harjunkoski, S. Saliba, M. Biondi, and H. Termeer (2012). Production and scheduling optimization of a steel plant. Minerals and Metals Review 38, 81–85.

Presentations at conferences, workshops, and research seminars

Biondi, M and Stolletz, R. (2017): Flexible maintenance and production scheduling. 27. Workshop der Quantitativen Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Klappholttal (Sylt), March 2017.

Biondi, M. and R. Stolletz (2016). Integrated maintenance and production: A survey and classification of shop scheduling problems. 8. Forschungsseminar für Supply Chain Management und Produktion, Obergurgl, Austria, March 2016.

Biondi, M., G. Sand, and I. Harjunkoski (2015). A multi-time-scale approach for the integrated maintenance and production scheduling of multipurpose process plants.  AIChE Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, USA, November 2015.

Biondi, M., G. Sand, G. and I. Harjunkoski (2015). Tighter integration of maintenance and production in short-term scheduling of multipurpose process plants. 25th ESCAPE Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2015.

Biondi, M. and G. Sand (2014). An integrated approach for the scheduling of maintenance and production in process plants. EnergySmartops Annual Consortium Meeting, Cranfield, UK, May 2014.

Biondi, M. and G. Sand (2013). Opportunistic maintenance planning for subsea processing plants. EnergySmartops Annual Consortium Meeting, Bergen, Norway, May 2013.

Biondi, M. and G. Sand (2012). Towards optimal maintenance scheduling in process plants. EnergySmartops Workshop on Advanced Diagnosis of Electro-mechanical Systems, Krakow, Poland, November 2012.

Biondi, M., S. Saliba, and I. Harjunkoski (2011). Production Optimization and Scheduling in a Steel Plant: Hot Rolling Mill. 18th IFAC World Congress, Milan, Italy, August 2011.

Harjunkoski, I., S. Saliba, M. Biondi, C. Xu, and H. Termeer (2011). Production and Scheduling Optimization of a Steel Plant. European Metallurgical Conference 2011, Düsseldorf, June 2011.

Saliba, S., I. Harjunkoski, and M. Biondi (2011). Production Optmization and Scheduling across a Steel plant. 21st ESCAPE Conference, Porto Carras (Chalkidiki), Greece, May 2011.


HWS 2017
OPM 662 - Business Analytics: Modeling and Optimization
HWS 2016
OPM 662 - Modeling and Optimization of Operations Scheduling


09/2002 - 12/2009
Studies in Mathematical Engineering (B.Sc. and M.Sc.), Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Esame di stato, Liceo Scientifico E. Vittorini, Milan, Italy

Professional experience

02/2016 - present
Research Assistant, Chair of Production Management (Prof. Stolletz), University of Mannheim

06/2012 - 05/2015
Scientist, ABB Corporate Research Center, Ladenburg

01/2011 – 05/2012
Service Engineer, ABB Process Automation, Genova, Italy

01/2010 – 12/2010
Research assistant, ABB Corporate Research Center, Ladenburg

01/2009 – 12/2009   
Master's thesis student, ABB Corporate Research Center, Ladenburg